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By offering a meticulously curated selection of character casks, Art and Cask enables whisky, spirits and beers producers to explore new flavor dimensions and craft innovative, captivating products.


James McAllister

Master Distiller

How to create an extraordinary beer that would captivate the palates of discerning consumers and also whisky and spirit enthusiasts?

To achieve this goal, I needed access to a diverse range of high-quality character casks that could enhance my beer’s flavor profiles and provide a unique, luxurious sensory experience.

A&C has been an invaluable partner in our pursuit of creating an unparalleled beer experience.


Amelia Sinclair

Chief Blending Officer

I was searching for a way to further distinguish my whiskies from competitors while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship I was known for.

The team at Art and Cask recognized my needs for a reliable source of high-quality character casks and barrels to enhance my whiskies flavor profiles and create more memorable sensory experiences.

Our collaboration with A&C is truly revolutionizing our whisky production process.

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Cask and Barrels Origins

European and Worldwide exceptional casks and barrels from:

France, Italy, Spain, madeira, Hungry, Japan etc…..


Creative Spirits

Dear Producers and Enthusiasts,

As the CEO of Art and Cask, I am thrilled to welcome you to our community of passionate innovators and creators.

Our mission is to empower whisky, spirits and beers producers like you to push the boundaries of tradition and explore new dimensions of flavor, elevating the craft of whisky production to unparalleled heights.

Together, let us redefine the world of whisky and create a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.


Patrice Villeger
CEO, Art and Cask



Art and Cask is a supplier of used character casks for the whisky industry, specializing in helping whisky producers enhance the flavor profiles and overall quality of their products by leveraging the unique properties of wood and whisky interaction.

Art and Cask offers a diverse range of casks, including American oak, European oak, and various exotic wood species. We also provide casks that have previously held different wines, sherries, ports, and rums, allowing whisky producers to explore a vast array of flavor combinations.

Art and Cask combines expert consultation and personalized guidance to help whisky producers select the right cask types, charring or toasting levels, and aging environments for their products, ensuring the perfect balance of flavors and aromas.

Wood and whisky interaction is crucial for developing the flavor profile of a whisky, as the spirit extracts compounds from the wood during aging. The specific wood type, charring or toasting level, and previous cask contents can significantly impact the final flavor and aroma profile of the whisky.

Art and Cask assists whisky producers in optimizing the aging process by offering insights into wood types, charring and toasting levels, previous cask contents, and aging environment factors. This helps producers harness the power of wood and whisky interaction to create exceptional spirits.

Art and Cask partners with whisky producers to provide expert consultation, curated character casks, and personalized guidance. Our team’s vast knowledge and experience in whisky production ensure producers have the support and resources they need to create truly exceptional products.

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